Thickness and proportions are crucial in contributing to a diamond’s sparkle. Diamonds that are too thick are not selected by Prima Gems, as they decrease the price of the diamond and also hinder light direction to the crown.

Good proportions for round-cut diamonds are usually in the Ex Ex Ex None grade and above. However, not all of these diamonds guarantee good sparkle despite their grade, so we take care to choose the best proportions without forgetting its dazzle. Examples of proportions that make diamonds shine less include a pavilion depth less than 43 degrees or a crown steeper than 36 degrees.

When it comes to good proportions for fancy-shaped diamonds, only ones that are not too narrow or wide are chosen. Also important is how no bow-tie shadow is visible, as well as windows—which are large, see-through areas.

We only source our gems from the most reputable suppliers. As customers today are more willing to buy gems through certifications and without seeing the real stone, we guarantee uncompromising quality by only curating gems from sources with good reference, reputation and price.

We only select diamonds with no or minimal internal graining. This refers to the flaw of

inclusions within the diamond. Many times, details of internal graining are not included in the certification and cannot be seen by the naked eye. This is why such diamonds are much cheaper, compared to diamonds that do not have grains. Although little grains do not affect the sparkle or clarity of the diamond, it largely contributes to decreasing the price of the diamond.

Blemishes and black spots also affect the price of the diamond the clearer it is, so we select least visible ones that can hardly be seen from the diamond’s table. Prima Gems select only the highest ranking from each grade, from the VS (Very Slightly Included) or VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included) grade

When it comes to color with diamonds, it is the lack of color that is most prized. The terminology used by diamond traders to refer to this absence of color is “No BGM,” which means no brown, green or milky shades are found in the diamond. Nevertheless, tinged diamonds fill the market and this detail may be omitted from certifications. Buyers should be wary of this trait as it can significantly affect the price of the diamond, depending on the intensity of the shade or tinges.

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